Object properties


Why I cant access the object properties? I mean if I want to right click on an object from the objects list I cant access the Object properties.

Help me please. Ty :slight_smile:

You can open the object properties window with a right click over an instance (object placed in the scene), with the window already open you can do a left click over an object (object’s editor list) to select it and show its properties :slight_smile:

When I click on Properties there is no window opening…no reaction…i do not understand

If the property panel is already open, it will not show up again. You can try to remove the GDevelop configuration files located at C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME.GDevelop

It’s working now! Thanks a lot!

Nice :smiley:
The window was probably opened somewhere outside the screen.

i have the same problem with objects properties, but i cant find the GDevelop configuration files located at C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME.GDevelop.
i cannot understand what kind of username to insert, any solution please :pray::pray::pray::pray: