Object replacement when i paste the object from one scene to another

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I would like to suggest the implementation of replacing an object from one level to another. That is, I am redesigning all the animations of my main character, I did not want it to be a global object, therefore it is a common object.
I’m done redesigning the character in scene A, so I have to copy the same object and paste it in all scenes.
When I copy the object from scene A, I paste it in scene B. Obviously, scene B already has the object with the same name, so automatically the pasted object is added number 2. I have to delete the object that I am trying to replace. , and I get the question that if I want to delete the information of the events, etc… linked to that object, I ask him not to delete them, then I only have to delete the number 2 from the name of the pasted object, and that’s it It’s linked to the events, so I don’t have to redo this, but the problem is that some events are deleted, or left with errors, and I have to redo them.
It would be great if just pasting the object into the scene and if it has the same name, I would get a question if I want to replace the object.

There are external events that you can use to keep the controls for the player and link those external events in the scene you need to use them.

There are also external layouts that you can use for things such as levels and load the external layout in the scene you need. It will keep all object properties (position, rotation, animation, etc…) the same when put into the scene.

It is also much easier to make the object a global object if you are going to use it in multiple scenes, do you mind explaining why you don’t want to make it a global object?

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I didn’t know about external events and designs, I’m going to investigate it.
As for the global object, if I put the object as global would I have to redo all the events?

If you want to have the same events in every scene (like player controls) then no, you can use external events.

Just add a new external event here:

Then link the external events in the scene:

External events are just like regular events (same with external layouts) but they are not used until linked in the scene you want to use them (can be multiple scenes, it’s not limited to one).

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Thank you very much I will have to organize all that, I guess it will also improve performance. Many thanks for everything. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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