Objects still present in preview, even though they don't exist in the editor


So, I was happily doing a new breakout example and while I was making a new object, it gave me an error. I thought it was something related to the network connection (There was some problem with my internet connection when it gave me an error)


So, I didn’t care much and moved on, then it happened again

Then, while I was doing the EndCard, I made a mistake and pressed Ctrl+Z, and it somehow deleted some other objects too! I thought it might be some rendering issue (As GDevelop had some issue with my system for a while) So, I reopened GD and it didn’t fix it

Then, I still moved on, re adding all the lost objects

But, when I opened the preview, I saw a button on the screen which is one another layer that is hidden. I thought, I must have made a mistake and must have added it to another layer, so I checked and the button was always on the correct layer. So, I tried deleting that object, and when I opened the preview again, the object was still visible. I think that the other objects that got deleted (when I used Ctrl+Z), are still being rendered

I checked and no objects are being created while runtime

Here is the link to the project



Stupid question but have you look in external layout in the project manager ?
I can see some layouts.

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In case we are talking about the Home button in the middle of the scene, for some reason it is located on a missing layer called “LostLayer” and this is why it is invisible in the editor.

Not sure what cause this and how it happened, but I also did experienced that the JSON file get messed up sometimes as you edit, copy/paste and move things around and cause “small” errors like this or corrupt the entire project file and won’t even open if you are not lucky.

You can use the Instances list to find it and select it or open the JSON in a code/text editor;

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No, there are no GUI stuff in the layout. They only have bricks :brick:

Thanks, I have decided to just rebuild it as I am making a example project and want it to be as clean as possible and god know how many other error are present in this project.

Will there be a fix to this so that it won’t happen later?

I guess unless we can reproduce it and discover how exactly and why these random errors happen, there is nothing the dev team can do.
Last time it happened to me, I thought it was because of the old and slow hard drive in my PC, my theory was that if we change something too fast, slow hard drive can not keep up, GD send the data to write but then it won’t happen and GD does not confirm if the write was successful. But nobody investigated and since I have a lot faster new drive and still happened a couple times. I have no idea what is causing this.

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