odd ladder bug in GDevelop

So I found an odd bug in GDevelop. When the player is on a ladder, he’s supposed to have a climbing animation that pauses when he’s not moving, and play when he does move on the ladder. It works like it’s supposed to when he moves left, right, or diagonally on the ladder, but for some reason, it doesn’t play when moving up or down. I’ve tried everything to try to get it to work, but it seems like for some reason, Up and Down aren’t rendered as “moving” for the platform character.

I think it’s something wrong with the “Is Moving” condition.

here a screen shot of my events.

Takratzer mentioned this on the discord and I did some more basic testing. I actually think the problem is something specifically with ladder detection in general.

(edit: ignore the below examples. I’m seeing unreliable behavior in the web client depending on browser. New post below has more specific details)

As an example, even something as simple as this does not work:

I took the platformer example, added a simple text box, moved the ladder right to the start, and climbed it, it does not update the text. I also tried a few permutations, but even that basic check doesn’t work.

Interestingly, even inverting this condition does not work:

Still no updates to the text with the above. I’m unclear if it’s this condition, or ladder detection in general, but it’s definitely not behaving as one would expect.

well I do hope you fix it soon. I can’t continue working on my game until it’s fixed. thank you for taking a look at it.

So I did more testing and my post above doesn’t seem to accurately capture the issue.

I can confirm that no matter the scenario, moving up/down a ladder does not get detected as movement.
So using these events:

Means the text box stays as “Not moving” even while moving up/down a ladder:

(screenshot taken while actively moving up a ladder)

This is on B105 on the desktop client.

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