Odd Place - Demo avaible

Odd Place is a topdown shooting game focused on survival and gathering resources.

You are in a town consumed by the harsh winter, but it is strange since it has been days since you have seen dawn arrive. Strange creatures walk around the place, they look dumb but react violently to light.


You don’t know how, but you must survive. Not just the monsters, remember that you are human.

You can check my itch profile if you are interested in the game.

In demo you can test some mechanics of the game, interaction, gathering, combat.
Hope you enjoy the demo!, any suggestion is welcome.

This is the first project I have decided to work on and I have enjoyed every second doing it. Since I was little I dreamed of one day being able to create a video game. Games like TLOZ or resident evil amazed me when I was a child so I am influenced by them.


Wow! This looks great. How long did it take for you to make this?


Hey, thanks! around a month, im new to gdevelop so im not a experienced dev.

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This looked insanely polished and fun, a small suggestion is that you can use lighting with a triangle shape mask as your flashlight instead of a circle

Hey, thanks for suggestions!. I was thinking in put a light system, where player have to search for batteries too and can equip different style of lightings, like night vision, and this can be one of them.