Official Release Date Trailer | Miko Adventures Puffball ❗

:exclamation: YES IT IS HAPPENING :exclamation:

Watch the Release Date Trailer of the upcoming Miko Adventures Puffball

Wishlist here: Miko Adventures Puffball on Steam


Have you guys watched the trailer yet? :thinking:
I worked so hard on it, it was a long week to create that trailer!

If so let me know down below if you’re excited for that Sept 15th release date :star2:

And while you’re here why not Wishlist Miko to play on release and help the game’s visibility on steam too?
Here is the steam page :video_game:


congrats man!!! It means a lot when a Gdevelop made game gets recognition!


how long did you take to develop MIKO? how many time did you change the plot of the game?

The trailer is really PRO. You are a very skilled and talented man.

BTW, is there something special or that made you feel a particular feeling during the development of the game that you would like to tell us?

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@JohnnyMangoes Thank you so much! : )

First of all I’m really sorry for the late reply, It’s a very stressful time for me as the game’s release is very close, so many stuff to get ready…

If you want the time without the learning curve I can say it took around +5 years
But if you want the time Puffball started in development then we are talking around about 2 years it took to made a game like Miko.

A TON OF TIMES :sweat_smile:
But here is the thing, it was all to create the main idea, what I wanted from Puffball is more gameplay rather than too much story and depth, I tell that story through the experience not through too much text. I tried my best to create many worlds and make the player always feel fresh and he never knows what the next world is going to look like and stuff like that, it’s all about the environment and the world, through this alone you can tell many many stories without saying a word.
Game like Dark Souls, Hollow Knight do that kind of stuff, I’m doing my best to learn from them…

And I’m so happy you enjoyed it, that makes me really happy to see people enjoying the trailer, I worked so hard on it to be honest, like it was too much work for just 1 min trailer but it was worth it 100% :laughing:

Hmm… that’s a really good, deep and a tough question to be honest…
Let me explain, creating a project so detailed like this all alone for years has been such a crazy journey to go through, like right now I’m done with the game and just testing all the time, it’s a very weird feeling that I actually finished the game, like finished this HUGE HUGE challenge I put my self through and I became another person through it, a much better one.
So to answer this question I would say it was a roller-coaster, a giant one… a one that never ends… and probably never will…

1- Feeling alone can sometimes change who you are and it did, it made think about the game more than life it self but it was not about the “game” it was about my life, like I always get this feeling … what am I doing with my life right now? am I doing the right thing and then someone sends me a message saying they like the game and stuff like that, that keeps me going, it makes me feel I’m on the right path.

2- The fear of not getting anything out of this hard work haunts me everyday, like this is my dream… I should get something out of this right? but then I won recently in GDWC and that was a confirmation that I can reach to something, I can make this dream come true one day.

3- The feeling that no one will like the game even though a lot of testers already played the game and loved it, but that fear is always there and it’s a good thing it’s there … why? because it makes me better, it makes me want to create something always better for the player.

4- The feeling of remembering how many things I lost through this journey, how many things I refused to take just to make this game happen, how many devs I saw lost their passion for game development because it’s (too hard)

But I always kept going you know? like… no matter what happened, no matter how depressed I got sometimes, no matter what people told me, no matter how many bugs and issues I couldn’t solve when I was starting out, no matter how I sometimes felt I wasn’t on the right path, no matter what happened I just always kept… pushing forward…

Having a community like GDevelop truly changed my life, I don’t actually have friends in real life, I have 0 friends in real life but I have so many countless friends here and they are super awesome people : )
It’s the best community ever, and the best job ever.

All this and I’m just starting out, I have so many more ideas and games I want to create after I’m done marketing for Miko, it’s my dream… I just… belong here : )

“A game is not just code, a game is actually a developer who promised himself that no matter what happens he will make it happen one day, it’s all about the developer”

Sept 15th is going to be such an epic day in my life…
Thank you for asking a deep question like that, I always like to answer questions like these, the behind the scenes stuff that no one sees : )


Mixed feeling about this. I’m a bit of a wise man, because of my age is near half century and i’m not the idiot like-type man, BTW i started coding with a poor c64 at the age of 8 and so on till exactly now.

So, i know the good and the bad of be a one man game maker, the loneless of the night coding sessions, and the strange feeling of having only your project in mind, even at school, work, pub, disco etc.

as Van Gogh likes draw paints and Mozart likes make musics, CorianderGames likes make games.
it’s a passion, it takes all your day, minds and feelings.

my personal advice: Now sit down and breathe, you’ve done a great pice of art, it takes 5 years and it was a great time, mixed of “YES I CAN DO THAT!” and “NO ALL IS LOST!” moments, get your rewards.

but… you’ve thinking about what game next? Finishing MIKO left a hole in you, as a woman telling you goodbye because time’s up for your relations.

Don’t get hurried, let the red wine breathe, store up yourself and start for a new battle.

if you would, go to:

my games made with dbpro. Try NoMoreMotorspors or ESF, as your MIKO, they was the same for me.
(start in XP compatibility… they are old)

thanks, Ermes.

p.s. you know anyone named Khaled living in Egypt (i guess)? say hello for me.

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Wow I’m less than half a century by 2 years so yeah big difference I’m sure of it but hey I’m no idiot :joy:
Just kidding :smile: I know what you mean for sure, the older we get the more calmer and the more stable we becomes.

That’s very cool actually!

Yeah exactly, that feeling but when I’m saying it’s weird I don’t mean it’s bad, it’s just very unique, it so different from anything else you know…

Yup 100%

I’m with you on this, it’s something I’m trying to do right now and it feels amazing to be honest, that feeling when you’re finally done with the game and just sitting in your room watching some YouTube or playing some games with nothing on your mind, no bugs to solve, no issues to care about, it’s an amazing feeling, it’s a reward in itself to be honest.

Yeah for sure, I’ll take some time off after Miko to rest and then I’ll come back later stronger with a new project to create and a new challenge to finish : )

They look very cool to be honest, I added the website to my list right now and I’ll be checking it again to play the games.

That’s me right here, nice to meet you Ermes, great talk :smile:
Hope you’re having a great day!

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well, right now trying to draw some decent asteroids images for my game…
nice to meet Khaled, best wishes for your games!

stunned for the quality of the graphics of MIKO.

All done by your hands?

what app you used for? Coreldraw, Illustrator, Photoshop… ecc.

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I use Illustrator and Photoshop but a lot of the assets I use is free to use and a lot of them are from artists I work with and some are paid, I get many assets from many many different places, we’re talking about hundreds maybe even thousands of assets then I adapt these assets in the level when I’m creating the level, whether it’s in colors, feel, style and so on, no matter how different the asset feels and looks, there is always a way to adapt it to your style…

And I also recreate new assets from existing ones I have, I even made a video about it on my channel, this idea helps so much as it enables you to create new assets and expand your inventory and expand the uses of the asset pack you bought.

And if you want to take a look behind the scenes, I made 2 parts here:

I see. Tons of work for sure and you’re very skilled.

Watched Youtube.

i usually use coreldraw and photoshop (22 years of career as a creative graphics for pubblicity), and grabbing free stuffs when possible.

for audio, goldwave, no other tools.

thanks for your time, you’ll be very busy and to found time to answer me it’s nice.

it’s a few time i’m here around, don’t know how many aces we have, but you’re one of them for sure.


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Hi, i hope in a nice Sunday.

Don’t know what you have to do in Egypt on Sunday but we have to meet parents. How boring.

I’ve to ask you a question: on the steam page, you’ve posted two videos, right?

why, the first video runs in a perfect, unbeliveable 60 fps, and the second lags ? Not the same source? Different editing? Real performance in browsers? As i know, even if standalone, GDEVELOP games runs always in a Chrome tipe window.

I’m focused to obtain perfect 60 fps for my games, this is the motivation of the questions.

thanks, Ermes

p.s. I was in Egypt for holiday, in the far 1995, Cairo, Aswan, Nile cruise, as usual you know.

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What happened is optimization, the version when I took the old video had some issues, was limited to 30 fps and the recording setting wasn’t set to maximum quality, the new trailer has everything top quality so that’s why there is a difference.
I might make the old video set as (hidden) as the new trailer is more than enough to market the game.
I’m just really busy at the moment with testing and polishing the game to the maximum to give plyers the best experience.

Then don’t forget to set the minimum Fps in the project settings to 60 fps and the maximum set to 0 (unlimited) … this will help a lot + of course optimization, how many objects in the scene, how many animations and so on…
Optimizing is a bit of an art … It needs a lot of patience to get it right.

That’s really cool, Egypt has a lot of fun places for tourists, but right now everything is a mess because of Covid and stuff… You know … It’s a mess really everywhere in the world…
About my location I prefer not to say information like this publicly.

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setting FPS 60 to 0 helps a lot. Optimization, yes, since AMOS (Commodore Amiga) I have been fighting with optimization, to have a decent framerate.

Yes COVID strikes everywhere, i know.

have a good day,


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hi Khaled, as you know i’m a curious one, so i’ve another question to you.

making the plot of an huge game like this is a big effort, and something you can’t do without planning and sometimes redo from start again.

what technique do you use? drawing on a paper the entire flow chart? something else?

i’ve actually some problem to figure how to make missions for my space game. All the routine are ok, but i haven’t any plot…

and advice, please :slight_smile:

thanks, Ermes

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Hey @ErmesBertone,

I’d like to say that the story of any game is a very sensitive part as every other part in the game depends on it… If you work on the gameplay first then on the story … things will fail most likely because you can’t build a game without a wall that’s containing it.

What the story does is that it limits the possibilities of a game…
For example If you look at a game like hollow knight
The main character is fighting these bugs and you’re traveling underground in a huge kingdom…
Just from this you know:
1- Where the game will take place (Underground in a huge kingdom)
2- What enemies will the character fight (Bugs and insects)
3- What art style the game will use (which is both nasty and cute)
And you got a game like Hollow knight.

And that’s how I created the story…

First thing write down one sentence that contains the main idea of the plot of your game, let’s say someone asked you what is your game about? what would be your answer? surly it wouldn’t be a 10 pages text explaining it but it will be one sentence giving your players an idea of how things will be inside your game…

For example my game… it basically goes like this >> Miko walks through the forest, found a portal and upon touching it he got transferred to another dimension.

What is the game like?
1- The world will consist of many different unique worlds as Miko travels through the portals.
2- The enemies will look weird as he is travelling to different dimensions.
3- The art style will be cute as it’s a story about a raccoon.

And that’s how you create a story for your game.
One sentence >> turn it into points >> turn the points to gameplay mechanics.

Never work on gameplay, art style, ideas, characters, enemies and the game world it self first without having a wall that contains everything together.

Let the story build your game not the opposite.

But sometimes happens changes while you’re working on gameplay mechanics and you feel like the story don’t match with what is shown in gameplay (happens to everyone), then it’s time to do it the hard way which is adapting the original story to the gameplay and it can get very hard to do something like that as it might require removing ideas or gameplay mechanics previously added.
That’s why it’s best to take care of the plot first and build upon that.

For me I sometimes write down the story on paper, or just draw a quick sketch of what I want but mainly I focus on the one sentence way as it allows me to create a story that’s easily understandable by players and easy to build upon whether in gameplay or world building and so on…

Hope that answers your question : )

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Yea, as usually you explain youself perfectly. sorry to have such a bad english, tryng alway to do my best.

yes, i’ve a blurred idea in my mind of what my games must be, but in this case, first i was in need to know how far i can go with GDEVELOP.

now i’ve about all the systems working, but i’m in need of a good plot. I think i have to change the mosts of the game “walls”.

Khaled, you’very nice. thank you and good night.


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Glad to help any time Ermes, Your English is perfect to me no worries : )
You too : )

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Looks so good! And the excellent trailer does a great job selling it. I’m hyped! Congrats, man. It’s very heartening to see how far your game has come in just the short time I’ve been a member of this community. You’re going places, for sure.

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@bennich Thank you so much honestly for the kind words, I’m really happy to know that you enjoyed the trailer, I worked so hard on it and to see people enjoying it means the world to me : )

Thank you so much for following along honestly, means a lot to me to see people following my project for years or even months, it’s been such a good time creating a game like puffball for over 2 years now, so crazy to see that I’m actually going to release it very soon, feels amazing and at the time terrifying you know, finally going to show my baby to the whole world :smile:
No matter what happens next, It was the best time of my life.
I’m so glad I stayed strong after many many hard and difficult days, weeks, months and years to see that day : )

I’m never leaving game development ever, best job ever :fire: :raccoon:
Can’t wait to press that publish button for the world to go on the epic adventures of Miko :fire:

Thank you : )