Official Release - Design It - Conquer The Speed

Official Release!!!

The game is about drag racing game which focus on tweaking your car with few variables that will affect the speed of your car to either go fast or slow. A fast reaction time on your end will also count on the timer.

Record your fastest time!!

Version 1.00 - Official Release - 9/7/2023

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Hi ongi,

I have played your game. It is a bit difficult to give you feedback as long as you are not telling for which part of the game you need it (the gameplay, the visuals etc.). You wrote that it is your first game and for that it is quite impressive.

My biggest point of criticism would be the graphics (needing interesting car sprites; showing how the tires and engine change while tweaking; having an appealing scene for the racing part and maybe even racing against an opponent) but maybe that’s not the feedback you are looking for.

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Thank you for your feedback, will improve further on the graphic

Hi Ongi,

I appreciate you allowing your game to be tested by others.

I had a pretty good time with it and I think with a little bit of elaboration for people who aren’t gear heads would really help people realize they are playing a drag racing game that has less to do with your shifting and more with your car setup and reactions to launch.

I enjoyed your music choices, but make sure you are giving credit if it is due.

The sound effects got the job done but I don’t think they are on the same level as your music.

Sure you could always do more on the visuals, but for the most point I think the main parts of your art are fine. You can tell what everything should be.

Your current setup allows for a lot of customization but unless the player decides to be hyper competitive in this game I can’t see reason to explore tweaking everything.

I believe you should also explore the idea of their vehicles acting erratically and invest in a mode that embraces that aspect of the game.

Seriously though, your soundtrack, I let your game play in the background because I enjoyed your song selection.

The quit button didn’t work to exit the game.

. . . yeah just going to say I like the soundtrack again.

Keep up the good work you legend!

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Appreciate your feedback and will improve it, thank you

It’s very nice. I realize it’s just a beginning. I found the text hard to read on my phone. That would be easy to fix by changing the font size and/or adding a scrollbar and scrolling the setting screen/camera.

Another option could be a more visual setting screen using a crude diagram of a car. Clicking parts of the car would bring up the related setting. That would allow for larger text. I think it would be nice to be able to race from the setup screen. The ready and go buttons could be larger.

A more advanced section could be the tuning of the transmission. Gear ratio timing. Maybe add a manual/automatic transmission. Allow the player to shift while racing You would need a tachometer and maybe speedometer. Analog versions would be nice.

The car setup should be remembered between races and maybe sessions. Maybe add slots, so multiple cars or setups could be stored.

The result could list the time as car time, response time and then total time. Making it easy to measure the car setup vs reaction time. Maybe add the top time and top speed.

Maybe add the ability to “blow” the engine if it revs too much or overheats. Also an abort button or time limit for failed setups.

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