[Official Website][Google Play, Kartidge, Itchio, Humble] Alanna The Princess Of Puzzles

A brand new game of A Pixel Adventure franchise.

Alanna The Princess Of Puzzles

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Beta Game Details

Beta phase V.1.0.0
A lot of bug must be fixed, please report any bug if you find ty.
First 20 levels are now ready for play includes 2 bosses.
The controls can be mapped on the keyboard as you like.
Some of the puzzles require the mouse interaction so for now controller support is not included.

Released Game Details

Current version: 1.0.1
Windows, MacOs, Linux

  • System Requirements
  • CPU: Quad-Core @ 2.6 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • GPU: AMD or Nvidia GPU with 2 GB of VRAM
  • OS: Windows 10, MacOS 10.8
  • Storage: 276.15MB on Windows, 268.20MB on macOS

20 Levels, 4 Bosses, 1 Mega Boss, Fairies Familiars, Swords, Bows and Armors.

GameInformer, IGN Reviews pending, for what I can see right now they are giving

7/10 and 8/10. This is not approved yet.

24-10-2021 - Approved ESRB and IARC ratings. Oh Yeah!!!

Alanna The Princess Of Puzzles Official Website is now live.


Please share your opinions and / or changes for the game, it is important for me to know if I am doing it well or not. Thanks


Looks awesome :slight_smile:
Maybe variable jump height would be nice, because it feels too high when you’re not climbing platforms, you almost hit the ceiling :blush:

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Thank and yes is one of my todos. I’m planning to add a coyote jump style.

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Love the art style, and the controls. Nice work!

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Wow, this is an awesome game. Great art, good combination of puzzle and platformer, I haven’t played the full thing yet, but I will when I have the time. Only recommendation is a lower jump height, and maybe make it so you can’t hold down to dash.

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Just watched the youtube vid and it’s already a big “MUST”! Totally! Congrats, man! An excellent work. no doubt about.
Later more i’m going for the online taste of this Alanna Pixel Adventure for sure. :slight_smile:
Again, congrats, man!
Or “parabéns” cause by your nick it seems you may be a pt or br guy, like me! :slight_smile: Great!

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Hello everyone I have finally finished the game and I am launching it on several platforms with early access, in the end I only made 20 levels with 4 bosses and a final boss, the story quite poor but hey the important thing is that it is finished and working on Windows , MacOS and Linux, oh and now with support for gamepads.
Only for 4.99 let me know if is too much.

Kartidge: https://www.kartridge.com/games/UlisesFreitas/alanna-the-princess-of-puzzles

GameJolt: Game Jolt - Games for the love of it

Now in Google Play too:

Launch offer 0.99€ if anyone want a promocode just comment.


Just bought the Google Play version to play on my phone. Incredible work!!
Definitely work on the marketing to get people to talk about your game (streamers, bloggers, etc…!)

in the end I only made 20 levels with 4 bosses and a final boss, the story quite poor but hey the important thing is that it is finished

Let me tell you that’s huge already. I think we need to push this more on the GDevelop website @Bouh!


Well since this is a hobby for me I’m not so experienced in marketing but yes my intention is to promote the Game Engine more like my own games, thats is why I create this game and all the other templates.

I’m a game developer since 2008 I started with Cocos2d-x until I discover GDevelop 5 in december 2019 and now is basically a way of life for me, Thank you Florian for make this possible, and to all others users and contributors, as I always say this is a great community.


Hi mates today all day Premier guide of the game in my YouTube channel
Alanna The Princess Of Puzzles - Gameplay - Level 1 - Level 22 - 100%
This starts from 12:00AM to 4:45AM


Hi mates just to let you know the official website is live now.


Total fan made PC cover, awesome work.


Complete 22 videos of the gameplay

Added to moddb and indiedb

Today added to the GDWC 2021

This is now official cover with ESRB and IARC approved ratings.

Thanks to betatestedgamereviewed

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