Old game builds

Recently, I came across some old builds of one of my games, “Lost in Neopolis”. This gave me the idea of releasing them. I just want to know if people would be interested in a release of old builds of my semi-popular game.

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I would! I’d love to play your old builds of the game!

Thanks for the interest. This is going to take me a while, because I didn’t really realize how many builds I really have, but when I’m done, I’ll upload the files to mega.nz (I’ll provide a link to the files).

I should also mention that all the older builds where for android, so keep that in mind.

Here is a link to a zip of all the old builds I can find. Its from Version 0.0.2, to Version 0.4.2 (the current version of the game is at Version 0.5.2). You can read the README for more information.