"Old school" point'n'click adventure games, is it possible?

Hello everyone.

My question is simple.

Can I use Gdevelop in order to create “old-school” point’n’click adventure games? (no use of C++).

Thank you for your answers.

Of course! And actually it’s very easy :smiley:
Just some scenes, sprites, click conditions and many variables :wink:

Read the tutorials to start, if you get stuck ask here.

Should be pretty easy indeed, there are conditions to test click on objects and everything that’s needed to do such games :slight_smile:

Thank you both for your answers. :- )

P.S. I just worry a little bit about the UI - User Interface (you know, inventory, icons, dialogue trees, etc.).

Of course, I haven’t tried yet Gdevelop in action, so all my doubts here, are in a theoretical field.

Please, don’t misjudge me. :- )

There are very few notable game engines out there and only one or two, that require no-programming skills (hopefully, one of the them is Gdevelop).

My next option would be Adventure Game Studio (which by the way, is absolutely perfect in what I want to create) but it makes use of a C-like syntax scripting language and keeping in mind that I’m NOT a programmer and I never wanted to be one, AGS is discouraging me from using it.

Once again, thanks in advance for your answers. :- )

Before asking things like “is it possible”, remember this: There are no impossible things, there is only lack of skills.

Some things are just harder than others.

Adventure Game Studio is surely easier to start with as it already contains concepts and prebuilt things like inventory, icons or the dialogs tree.
GDevelop will be harder to use at the start because you’ll have to create all the game rules and the interface by yourself. What is cool is that as it is designed to be able to create any game, you have great flexibility and if you want, you can make almost anything.

Better try the two softwares and start creating basic games to see with which one you’re the most comfortable. :slight_smile:

:astonished: Thank you both for your answers.

Probably cause of luck of skills in writing good posts [ :wink: ], I haven’t managed to make clear to you the “core” question of my previous post. :smiling_imp:

I know it is harder to create everything from scratch, in the GDevelop engine. GDevelop engine is a game engine for making games of any existing genre. AGS was made having in mind, the adventure genre. :exclamation:

Also, I know it is the same hard to create everything from scratch in the AGS engine. (in case you now a little bit about AGS, there is a “blank template” to use…). But AGS makes use of a scripting-language with a very similar to C programming language, syntax. :bulb:

So, the core question (was) is:

Forget about how hard it is or not. Forget about “lack of skills”. :smiling_imp:

Can I make an “old-school” (aka pseudo-3D) point & click graphic adventure game from scratch, using GDevelop and WITHOUT using a single line of C++ or Java or any other programming language, except the use of EVENTS, CONDITIONS etc. that GDevelop is primary using for creating games?

I hope this time I made myself clear. :slight_smile:

P.S. I ask for an apology if my post had an aura of rudeness. :frowning:

Yes :wink:

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Greetings Lizard. My last proyect is a point and click adventure.
Could I contact you to answer some questions?

What about your game?

I last summer, I wrote this example

to manage
Player movements
Multi language
Screen limits
Dynamic scene change

You’ll find instructions Word file to manage all the elements.

I hope it will help you,

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