One GOD feature regarding extensions

I think only one development is required for gd.
It will be a god one.
I think gd should be compatible with extensions of construct 2, multimedia fusion (if any) and any other game making software’s plugins.
This would be simplest yet the greatest development in gd.

Yeah, I suppose you’re right, but I’m unsure about legalities of such move.

Hmmm… I thought of that too, but I just wanted to get it off my mind. :slight_smile:

edit: Hey I remembered about the software enigma ( and I was thinking if they can implement eml compatibility and enable opening of gmks(game maker projects) then why not make something like that for construct 2.(only the extensions part). That could possibly be legal :confused:

Enigma is a non-profit open source project. Gamedevelop is a proprietary freeware app with the possible future of becoming a proprietary freemium web app (even worse- sotware that you rent and never own the license of) . :frowning:
It is using some open source technology, but i dont think that part is being made by compilgames. Correct me if im wrong.

Being open source allows the Enigma team to do this.

You seem to also forget that gamedevelop’s infrastructure is very different from construct2’s - where it depends a lot on directx. Idk how possible it would be for 4ian to make their plugins compatible with gamedevelop.

If it were possible however to make a compatibility layer, then it would be completely legal to make plugins made by construct2’s community compatible with GD imo - since scirra doesnt really own content made by its community. But I might be wrong- its worth investigating the legality, if it was technically possible.

Why? Because it would help gd tremendously to take advantage of an already established and much bigger community of contributing developers that construct2 has.

But it is quite an aggressive move towards scirra as well. They wont be happy thats for sure :smiley:
At this point I have lost any believe that gd would become open source though. Being open source is one way of differentiating itself from construct2- apart of being multiplatfprm which it already does to some extent. God knows what C2 devs are cooking. So far it seems like GD is playing a catch up game with them, instead of trying to innovate. It’s playing it by reinventing the wheel. So being able to take whats already out there is better than reinventing the wheel imo. This feature request is actually good.

About clickteam multimedia fusion- one of the developers mentioned that they are moving their GUI to the QT toolkit. This leads me to believe that they are planning on becoming multiplatform as well. Kind of bad news for gamedevelop.

Perhaps you should read this thread? viewtopic.php?f=18&t=5248

i take my words back!! Gamedevelop is now open source!!

Kudos to 4ian for this move :slight_smile:

It should be a nice move for Game Develop future developments :smiley: