Online editor, unable to save project

My students and I sometimes (but still quite often) get the following error message out of the blue:

We use the online editor and only do basic stuff with GDevelop. The error makes it unable for them to save the project, making them lose all their hard work. Does anyone know what could cause this?

We save the projects to the GDevelop Cloud.

Kind regards, Justin Rademaker

In some school the IT department lock the communication to some DNS.
Sometime this is the cause of problems like this.

This happens to me sometimes with the web version. For some reason, I’ll get logged out. You can click [My profile] to see if you’re logged in and login if needed and then try saving again.


Any update on this? It has been started to experience 3-4 weeks ago and nearly especially after any update in Gdevelop, this network errors happen again and it nearly doesn’t allow to use the cloud version.

What error are you getting? Unfortunately, if you get logged out it doesn’t tell you that you’re logged out. IDK if the system logs you out by mistake or the cookie is expiring too often. Either way, it’s annoying.

Right now, I can’t login at all. On mobile app, I can see my projects and it’s logged in. However both on app and web version on my laptop. I don’t see my project neither my profile. It doesn’t display any error just blank page.

This week it happened again. I checked if the student was still logged in and this was the case. So logging out doesn’t seem to be the issue here.

The other day I checked and it was the issue. Next year I will give the course again and check extra well to be sure. For now, automatically logging out seems to be the issue at least sometimes.

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