Open debugger needs internet?

for a few month, maybe more than one year, it’s needed to be connected to the internet to run the debugger. I usually leave my computer offline cause I don’t need internet, but if I want to open the debugger, I have to connect to the internet, close and reopen gdevelop, and run the debugger. Once the debugger is open, I can disconnect internet and use it.
Is there a reason for that, or could the debugger be completely offline?

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The debugger, like the network preview, starts a local server to run the preview on.
If you have an active network, even if you’re not connected to the Web, I think it should work.

I’ve always had the same problem with debugger not working. I even reported earlier about it and came to the same conclusion as you about it not work offline: Debugger stopped working

I came to think that it was possible to use it offline if it was opened at least once in the project being online, but I was mistaken. I also miss being able to use it offline too. So, I think it’s a good feature request. :ok_hand:

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Hmm…I have just tested on two PCs now that were offline, one of which has never had GDevelop on it before.

Even with the network connections completely disabled, it works fine.

Unfortunately, this likely means it would be something specific to the machines thet are unable to run it offline, rather than a feature that is missing on GDevelop.

Alright, thanks a lot for all of your replies.
Good to know it works well on gdevelop and that is only a specific case for a few computers. Anyways, it was only a minor problem, I just have to connect before opening gdevelop.

Looks like this issue was fixed recently.

Can you confirm that you’re running the latest version of GDevelop?

I don’t know why, but today it’s working offline for me!!! :scream: :scream: :scream:

I use dual boot Windows/Kubuntu and both worked. I’m not crazy, but yesterday wasn’t working! I swear! Maybe you’re right and I’ve tested it in an old version. I can not confirm, because I installed Kubuntu not long ago and was arranging the applications this week. Thanks @Gruk and @Silver-Streak ! I hope it works for @Bluzima too.

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I’m actually not updated yet to the latest version. As soon as I am I’ll let you know.
That’s great news if that has already been fixed!