Debugger stopped working

I don’t know why, but the debugger isn’t working for me anymore (does not recognize the open preview). I’ve already reinstalled Gdevelop and also cleaned the temp folder from the computer and it hasn’t solved. A few days ago it was working…

What could it be? :frowning_with_open_mouth:

I think I know why it’s happening. If I disconnect from the internet the debugger does not work. Is it supposed to be like this? :thinking:

I have checked now and confirm that the debugger works offline too.

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I tested many times and for me only works connected on the internet now… :pensive:

Could it be related to the fact that I used the debugger some days ago while I was testing a game on mobile through the network preview? I realized now and found it curious to have just used the online debugger a few days ago and now be working only online.

The network preview runs on local network, it doesn’t require to be online.
Maybe the debugger too.
Did you get a security alert or prompt about GDevelop trying to access network? Maybe your firewall blocked it.

No alerts… and I think it’s not my firewall because I can use the debugger when I’m conected on the internet. I can use the network preview too.

Today I realized that the debugger starts working offline if I open the gdevelop connected on the internet, use the debugger it once and then disconnect. Doing this I can use it normally disconnected. Opening Gdevelop already disconnected from the internet I can’t in any way.

Gruk, when you tested you opened Gdevelop connected on the internet or have already opened the program disconnected? :eyes:

I followed your instructions and confirm the issue.
I forwarded to the dev team.

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