(Open Source) Login Python

Just a little login I made with python. Ok so maybe not the best for beginning programmers. Advanced programmers I just wanted to share this with you.

The password is 1313.

Sorry to tell you that, but this code is extremely unclean. You shouldn’t use 3rd party libraries (prompt_toolkit), use the standard library (readline) to not confuse the new users. You do not need to separe the whole thing in files, it is often cleaner to separe to files but not in that case. for the password, use a function. Respect PEP8 And leave a blank line at the end of the code. Everything that is not decalration of a class or function has to be in a if __name__ == “__main__”: block. Use a list to store all the data and write it on exit. If you want it to look this way, ok, but I would rather use JSON serialization. And at last, don’t say the password is encrypted because it is not. It is encoded and decodable by every idiot on the planet. (file1 line 4). Oh, just noticed one more thing. Why don’t You write evry line with one call to f.write? It makes code illisible to add unnessecary statements like that.

alright. I’ll work on it. Thx for the feedback