Open to suggestions for my Marketing Game

I want to ask something to the experienced users here. I am a marketing analyst and aspire to create a marketing related small size multi game as my 1st go.
This will be an all-in-one game which will include multiple options of simple mini games, all marketing related. With the help of 4 Fun Ideas for Match It Games to Promote Your Products and I have jot down some ideas for the mini games.

Make a jingle with the given words and product description
Logo quiz
Choose 3 correct logo elements for a brand with 6 picture options (with timer)
Product matching with its features
Crossword puzzle
Odd one out
Set up the correct environment for the mentioned company
Draw a PLC from a given case study
Trivia quiz
Identify customers’ need by knowing their wants

1st of all I want to ask if it is possible to create a multi game in Gdevelop platform. If yes, then I need some more suggestions to work upon it. I want to improvise my ideas according to the users’ expectations.

My first project was a multi-game called Jukade, you’ll find it around here.
Each game is a scene, and the menus are scenes too.

I’d suggest you start with the easiest to get to know the software, probably the pick 3 out of 6.
Good luck with your project :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your suggestion. Normally how much time does it take to create 1 simple game?

Simple to play or simple to build? :rofl:
If the gameplay is simple, I would say the most time-consuming part is drawing the graphics.
Open some of our game examples and see how they’re built, it’ll give you a better idea of how much work awaits you.


@Gruk I wasn’t able to start building the game before cuz of my busy schedule. I will be resuming soon. Just wanted to ask and be clear about it that is it possible to create any kind of a word game through Gdevelop? I cannot find any example or tutorial to go through. Can you please suggest any?

If there aren’t any, I can’t suggest any. :slight_smile:
Here are some tools you’ll probably need for word games:
Come back for specific guidance if/when you get stuck. :wink:

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Oh thanks for the link.
And I will surely knock your door as and when needed. :smile:

For the quiz games, when you load GDevelop and see the Stare Screen, there’s an example game called “Pairs.”

You could use this game for your quiz games.

As @Gruk mentioned, the most time consuming part is actually getting or designing the graphics.

I have 3 more levels to finish and 2 movie clips to make before I finish my 1st game, which was built off of the game, “Pairs.”

I started creating this game around March 12, 2021. So, I’m estimating 1 year and 3 months.

I’d say I spent 1 year on the graphics; however, I didn’t spend every hour of each day. I have my wife and kids to spend time with, so I really spent weekdays, waking up at 4:30am and working on this game until 7am. Minus 1 hour going to the gym.

Then half an hour during lunch break. So when my kids slept at 1am, I still had to wake up at 4:30am. I was sleepy at work and so I’d spend Saturdays sleeping in to catch up on my sleep.

You can see how I tweaked “Pairs” from the link below; however, the latest build has more animations to each scene and I used Gruk’s plugin called “Timed Back And Forth,” which added more life to each level (scene).

You can do it. :slight_smile:


@RbetterKids Thank you so much for responding. Your time management seems more or less like mine. I too have other core job to do, that leaves me with a handful of hours. Though I was thinking of finishing with my games within months, until you mentioned yours to take more than a year. But I get it, it can’t be rushed. Better experience needs better details. It’s good to learn new things. I’ll surely take your advice and reference.
Thank you once again. :blush:

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@KelpieAR No worries. I am the same too, thinking I’d be done in 6 months.

The good news is in the future when the 1st app makes some money, an illustrator can be hired with pay or work for free as a partnership. Then the 2nd app will definitely take half the time as the 1st.

This is my approach. To show illustrators who are into the same genre and finding one to pay or partner up with.

My film director teacher, the late Mike Gottlieb who wrote and directed the “Mannequin” movie told me once, “You think now that you have your movie script that you’re done. Now it’s gonna be made into a movie. Wrong. You’ll find yourself pitching it to people randomly and constantly before it’s made.”

Mike’s right.

I tested his theory and the times I put in the one liner, I had someone view or play our app.

Hope you see all this as encouragement because I find the process to be very fun and exciting.

Looking to your game and its success.

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Keep it simple and user-friendly, plus don’t take too much information from users. And avoid using in-app advertising in your app. And if you are looking for app marketing services then dm us to know more