Options for iOS Export missing somehow

Hello, I am really confused. On the webpage it is said that it is possible to export to iOS. So I tried.
After the first disappointment that it is a HTML5 Build that will be wrapped by Cordova and IAP are experimental -at least what I found when I googled for a Tutorial- I was still in the boat.

The problem is, I can only select Android Builds in the Mobile Tab and the HTML 5 Export says it is only for Kongregate and other plattforms.

What is the actual status on iOS exports? Couldn t find anything in the Trello Roadmap after 2019 either?


iOS exports are and have always been possible. They are not possible using the external online build system. You will have to follow the manual build process on your local Mac desktop (Apple requires this).


Thanks for the fast answer. I will try tomorrow. In fact I was on another machine and just lurking. Still are there any links for successful published projects, especially regarding the IAP Service that is in Status “Experimental”?

No clue on the IAP stuff, personally.

As far as projects, I do know there are at least 3 or 4 games that I’m personally aware of for iOS, the biggest is probably Vai Juliette, although I don’t think it’s in all regions: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/vai-juliette/id1564683758