OR condition cannot combine Object related conditions with Non-Object conditions

OR combination:
object variable + keypress = doesnt work
Object Animations + keypress = doesnt work
Object Variable+ Scene Timer = Doesnt work
Object Variable + Object Timer = works
Object Variable + Animation = works
keypress+keypress = works
keypress + Scene Timer = works

I assume the or condition only works with ether
Only object oriented condition
Only NON-Object oriented conditions.

Looks like a bug.

Maybe it’s a similar problem.

For example these actions work with return key:

this object related not(only with mouse):

Oh and “NubReturn” is missing in the Key pressed/released condition.

This has been reported several times and is not really a bug.
Not sure I’m right, but iirc, the OR deselects objects whose condition is false…something like that.
You’ll find the full explanation on the GitHub, if needed.