OR event and object variables

I just spent hours on that one. I figured it out but I still don’t understand it. Is it a bug, or is there a subtlety I’m missing?
Here goes a simplified version based on the platformer example (I disabled the score text action and added two “test” variables with a value of 1):
This works and returns “OK - NO BUG”:

This doesn’t work, only returns “OK -”:


i think it is because the variable global test value is >0 and test of player is not=1
I can’t see the full code but this is my guess
in the first block of code test of player must be 1 and then global variable test must be >0 as test of player is 1
in the second block global test >0 or test of player =0, so you can’t be sure that player is 1, maybe or not

As I said, the two test variables have a value of 1. :man_shrugging: