Organization and good practices

One more question, is it possible to separate my game resources into folders for organizing them? And how should I organize my games, is there any practice to follow?

Yes sure

No, you can do it however you want. Most people I know put all assets in an “Assets” Subfolder, and then use subfolders like UI, Player, HUD, Enemies etc to categorize assets.


I understand, for that it is enough in the folder of my project that I create subfolders and then restarted the project and he will already recognize it?

While waiting for the answer my problems arose when loading the scene an intancia is not shown in the scene editor, but is loaded in the preview, and after deleting an object light type the screen it gets a dark effect, how do I solve it?

Thanks for listening!

look up your layers. there was a lighting layer created, when you set a light object into the scene.
on that layer to left right, you see a little glowbulb. by clicking on that you can set the ambient light, where full white is no shadow, and black is full darkness.