Origin Point not working?

possible ??
with the latest update the origin points don’t work or work badly ???
because it seems that I am not doing anything wrong but the final result is really absurd …
I use the normal instruction … but it doesn’t work !!!
Objects appear a little where they want, not where I indicated in the point of origin …
yes … the origin point names are correct
the page has no other code …

that it is an error of chace of gdevelop ??

To be clear, the “origin” point is a very specific point name on an object, you’re not using it on any of your events.

However, I’d make sure the points you’re calling actually exist on the object being called, and that they actualy exist in the scene.
For example:

You are saying Create “TxtPrizeQuest1” at Position “IcoCoinQuest1.Pointblahblah”, but you don’t create IcoCoinQuest1 until much later in your events. If IcoCoinQuest1 doesn’t exist in the scene yet, the points don’t exist yet either. All events happen in order (top down), so unless there is an already existing IcoCoinQuest1 in the scene, it doesn’t exist at the time you create TxtPrizeQuest1, and therefore it doesn’t have a point to create.

I ran a really quick test, and can confirm point creation is working fine so long as your objects exists and events are in the proper order:

Scene editor (Only blue box in scene):

Point on BlueBox:

Point on RedBox:


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hello and thanks for your reply
yes I know very well how the origin points work and thanks for your explanation … my alarm starts from the fact that as you can see from the drawings next to the events … there is a display board with a button inside … mine alarmism starts from the fact that the button … which would be the second object that is born does not enter the board where I have assigned the point of origin … for this reason I am inclined to think of a bug rather than my mistake …
I confirm that the names of the points recalled are identical to the name I have chosen for the points …

and in any case the image that I pasted in this post … only now I am realizing that the events may be in the wrong order … this is due to the fact that those events have been copied and pasted … but in the original there is the scoreboard then the button then the coin … and finally the texts …
yet the problem is still there … the button appears … but externally to the board … while the point of origin is inside … what could have happened ???

Unfortunately, I can’t give you an answer for this. As mentioned, your events as they exist right now do not make sense for what you’re trying to do as the object instances won’t exist when you’re trying to call their points. Order of events matters, and as mentioned, objects must exist in the scene before their points can be used.

As shown in the example I created above, it works as long as the order is sequentially correct. I can’t offer guidance beyond that.

yes but as you can see in my events … let’s pretend they are as I posted them … what’s the point of the button outside the box and on the opposite side …
the point of origin is internal in the lower left corner of the BgQest1Column1 but the BtnCollectQuest1 appears external to the right … and very singular as a matter … otherwise ok … it is okay that they are not in their place because they are messy … but BtnCollectQuest1 should be inside …