Other languages for the forum?

Hey @4ian, saw you created a Japanese subject for the forum. Could you please also add a German one? (A Spanish one would be great too I am tired of the random Spanish posts on the English subjects). By looking at the discord it is obvious that those parts of the community are more active.


Interesting. So we have a moderator on board who speaks Japanese?

In the past 4ian was against to support any other languages than French and English because of the question of moderation. He speaks French and English so that’s why we had official forum for those two languages only and he told everyone is free to create and host a forum for other languages and then he can add a link to those 3rd party forums on the front page which makes sense in my opinion.
Wondering if 4ian may speak also Japanese now or someone from the moderator team :+1:

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That’s a good question :slight_smile:

@mightycraft is a Japanese company and game studio that will help promoting GDevelop and offering Japanese support (through this forum or their company).

As I’m confident they can do a good job, I’ve set up a Japanese forum that they will moderate. They also created a landing page to introduce GDevelop to Japanese users, as well as translating the website and the app :slight_smile:

I open forums in languages other than English on a case by case basis - as I can’t moderate them (apart from French). It’s important for me to have a dedicated moderator that I can trust and that have a good commitment in the community and the app.
Usually I’m fine with an external forum that is hosted and owned by someone else - if that’s the case I’m happy to link to it to make it “official” :slight_smile: Just as ddabrahim explained.
In the case of the Japanese forum, it was just easier to go and create it here as Mightycraft did not have any forum hosting.


@4ian I can support the forum in Spanish is my native language

That’s really nice. I guess it would be just the right time for a JRPG template with Yarn :+1:

Well it is up to 4ian but for legal and marketing reasons it is very important for an official forum to be moderated 24/7, random people jump in and say “I’ll do it” is just not good enough.

A moderator must be active on the forum and dedicated, polite and very experienced with GD.
You don’t seems to be that active on the forum and your level of experience with GD and temper and dedication is unknown, so I would not put you as a mod but it is up to 4ian.

But seriously there are tons of free hosting platforms out there with a forum engine, if the demand for a Spanish or any other language is that big, anyone can setup a forum with a free host :+1:


@ddabrahim I am new to this forum but I have been on the channel of discord for a while, I have even spoken with 4ian to the intern to help translate the wiki into Spanish, I do not consider myself a stranger :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It is about the forum though, I did not see you around, like ever. But it is up to him. :+1:

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