What if we create a Spanish Forum? Que tal si creamos un foro en español?

Hola! Somos muchos usuarios que de seguro hablamos español, y se podría crear un foro que sea en nuestro idioma. :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Alguien por aquí?


Hey there,

We’re a lot of users that, for sure, speak in spanish. Maybe we can create a Spanish forum…:thinking::thinking::thinking:


Sure, Spanish users can create their own forum. But we cannot make a Spanish topic here if it is what you mean, as there are no moderators that speak Spanish so it is not possible to moderate correctly.

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Me parece una propuesta genial, Hace tiempo que tengo la intención de involucrarme con GDevelop. Pero debido ha su poca actividad y contenido en español es que termine optando por Construct-3 (un software en el que no puedes participar en nada), luego de un tiempo regrese a esta comunidad con intenciones de ayudar a la traducción del contenido y me tope con este post. Tienes mi voto hermano.

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I would like to create a new category ‘Spanish Forum’ or ‘Foro en Español’, but I think I can’t cause’ I’m not a moderator.
Anyway, I can help with the transitions.

Me gustaría crear una nueva categoría que sea Foro en Español, pero no creo que pueda porque no soy moderadora.
De todas formas, puedo ayudar con las traducciones.

The Spanish community seems quite active, so it sounds like a reasonable request.
It would probably be more active than the japanese subforum anyway…
I don’t think I have the rights to do that, though. Can you do it @Bouh ?

In the meantime, you can exchange in Spanish in the dedicated Discord room/channel.

Bouh is a moderator, just like you and me and has the same rights. Only 4ian can do such changes. And he already expressed himself saying that he doesn’t want it as there are no German or Spanish speaking moderators when I asked if a German and or Spanish forum could be added. See:

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Just to add to the discussion, I would happily create a Spanish forum but, as explained, this implies that I’m unable to do a proper moderation in case something goes wrong.

The terms and conditions clearly indicate that anyone that that contributes to the forum must follow the rules of no spam/no porn/no copyright infringements/no illegal stuff. I can surely still take action if something is flagged to me but this means that I need proper moderation of the forum made by other moderators.

So I conclude that the two main points are:

  • Having at least one or two moderators that can commit to do the moderation/administration. 2 is ideal because if one has to stop, this means that I can still rely on someone else. Otherwise I would have to freeze the discussions and find a moderator urgently.
  • A community big enough to justify the potential extra time/work on this community.

More generally, it’s hard to scale to tons of languages while allowing me to focus on GDevelop development first, so that’s why I encourage external forums if you feel like it (after all, Discord chat was originally started by Bouh - and it was a great idea!). A very successful external community can be re-integrated later in this forum or made semi-official with links to the external forum.

I’m willing to reconsider this later but only if there are good guarantees on the community moderation :slight_smile:


I understand your point.

Thank you for take your time and answer. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

If you need help to translate something in Spanish, I could help :blush:

Sure, I think the best thing to push forward the community is to help with the translation on Crowdin: GDevelop old website translations in Crowdin and GDevelop 5 translations in Crowdin

Having the app and website fully translated (it’s almost the case!.. but we have to double check the quality of translations - you can surely help!) will be helpful to drive more adoption from Spanish user :slight_smile:
If someone is doing regular good contributions on Crowdin, I can set this person as proofreader so that the person can validate better translations and remove the bad quality ones.


Hola Belen. Yo había pensado en crear un Foro en Español para la comunidad hispana de GDevelop, pero el problema está en que no te permiten crear tu propia Categoría que sería Foro en Español

I am willing to work as a forum moderator in Spanish for the Hispanic community. All posts will be subject to moderation and will only be published if they comply with the community rules. I need you to please authorize the creation of the forum in Spanish under my strict moderation.

Moderation is a role very important for the community, and gives one a lot of power. If abused it can ruin the GDevelop company, and not using this power (not moderating) could ruin GDevelops image. We won’t give it to just anyone who just created their account a week ago and made no contribution.

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If you don’t know me, that means you don’t know anything about me. Why does it say that I haven’t made any contributions to the GDevelop project? I currently have a subscription with GDevelop Pro. In addition to this, I am helping to translate the platform tutorials from the GDevelop wiki into Spanish. I understand that there are requirements to be a forum moderator in Spanish, but this does not give you the right to judge me without knowing anything about me. It is not the first time that I am a forum moderator. My only interest is that the Spanish-speaking community has its own forum.

This is the wiki link that I’m helping to translate in my spare time: Tutorial de Plataformas, Parte 1: Primeros pasos

I’m not judging you, I’m saying that exactly because we can’t judge you, as a stranger with no prior activity on the forum, we can’t know if we can trust you. When i say contribution, I meant contributing to the discussion => saying interesting and/or helpful things on the forum.

I’m sorry, but the concept of the word contribution is quite broad. There are many ways to contribute to the GDevelop project, not just by helping people who have questions. I am learning to use the program, and I only have basic knowledge.

I am aware of the broadness of the definition of contribution, hence why I just narrowed it down for you, to explain what I meant. I appreciate that you are contributing to GDevelop, but that holds no relevance in your moderation capabilities.

The most important thing needed for being a moderator is being a trusted member of the community.

Doing a wiki edit, buying a GDevelop subscription, or posting a few forum post and translations, etc won’t get you to a maximal trust level. Trust is built up through regularly interacting with the community over time showing that you truly care, getting small permissions over time and showing that you use them responsibly, etc.

Contributing outside the forum can help build that trust, but won’t help us get to know and trust your capabilities in interacting with people, moderating and using permissions responsibly. We may trust your proficiency in Spanish if you translate a lot of stuff for example, but not as a voice of the community if you never have interacted with it.

I hope you understand that we do not want a complete stranger as a moderator, regardless of their capabilities in the field, if we don’t know then enough to know they can be trusted. It is only because we really care about the GDevelop community and wouldn’t want to take any risk when it comes to keeping it safe.

Who decided on your capabilities to be a moderator? Forum badges? Sorry, but it seems that you did not understand what I said in the previous post.

I was referring to the contribution that you told me about to the discussion in the forum, such as contributing interesting and helpful things to others. I was not referring to my abilities to be a forum moderator in Spanish. Now I understand what the requirements are to be a moderator of the Spanish forum for the Hispanic community. But I repeat, that my main interest is that the Hispanic community has its own forum in Spanish, but for that to be possible, a responsible and active moderator is needed. That’s why I volunteered to be a moderator for the Hispanic community’s Spanish forum. If the French and the Japanese have their own forum, why can’t the Hispanic community?

I interacted with the community, and tried to help where I could even as a beginner for months, and still do. I raised trust level after trust level, I flagged posts that needed moderator attention, and after being on the maximum trust level for a while, I reached out to the moderation team, who knew me already thanks to my activity and knew thanks to all those actions that I was indeed fit for the role of moderator.

Indeed, and you have not proven yourself to be any of those.

Moderators are not decided upon their language. They are decided upon trust and if they have the qualities needed to be moderator. It just so happens that the Hispanic community possesses few such members, or they have not asked to become moderator.

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Do you think you are a trustworthy person? Why do you think I’m not a trustworthy person if you don’t know me? I don’t think you are the person who will decide if I am a trustworthy person with qualities or not. I feel that you are insulting and belittling me with your words. I don’t think you have the qualities to be a moderator of any community. I feel like I’m being harassed. You are not friendly at all. I’m sorry, but it’s the image I’m seeing in you.

Hello! I’ve read through the updates in this thread.

@laynorchannel regardless of your intent, it appears you’re taking explanations as attacks, so for now I’m closing out this conversation as it isn’t being constructive.

Additionally, your flags used in this thread do not match up with the posts you have flagged, which is inappropriate and would normally be viewed as an abuse of the flagging system. While I understand tensions may be high, the statements in your post above about harassment, belittling, etc do not match the reality of what you are responding to.

Whether this is a language barrier, misunderstanding, or trolling, at this time please allow it to end here.

Currently, no new language-specific sections are being added to the forum. Thank you.