Our Hero - 40x Error Page

Hi folks!

Long time I do not post anything here. But now …with some good news!
I had created a new minigame ( infinit Looping ) for 404 error pages to my server and all clients in it. It’s not “ready to go” because I need to test it and refine some “code”.

But you can test it( and feedback ). The Name is not defined yet, so we are calling it "our hero - 40x error "
Here are some screenshots;

All artwork and sprites were made with Inkscape( easy job )

You can play it here: http://www.rizomatico.org/error


I test it on PC and I think it works for an error page and is a nice touch.

Hey! Thanks.

I made some small improvements today.
It’s at gamejolt too:

Now, as a Facebook APP:

Hey, great job putting it available in Facebook :slight_smile: works fine.