Overwhelmed by Bureaucracy Research - A lot of Questions - Publishing a Game

Before I upload my work or any trailer…:

Maybe someone who already released a game could share some gained experiences.

Since a few days I’m researching how to self-publish a game as an individual and I come to the conclusion:
It is easier to develop a game from the scratch with no team than facing difficult bureaucracy and I’m left with headache and questions.

It is hard to find out how to publish a game and especially: which things / laws/ rules have to be taking into account.
Is this a complicated process or is it just me?

I am from Germany, my game is actual finished (99%), the development of the demo is in planning phase, the game has two languages: english and german.

My work does not contain any violance, swear words, etc.
It is a peaceful and friendly game.

The current plan is to publish a demo on gd.games and to publish the main game on Steam.
There is no plan to publish a boxed version of this game (CD, DVD, etc.) = It should be only available in the browser and as a download.

Well, this plan would result in an (as far as I understand) to an international digital release and I really want to avoid any trouble (especially because I just made a simple game about peace and friendship).


  1. Video game content rating system / age rating.
    Video game content rating system - Wikipedia
    There are so many of them… does my game have to be reviewed by all of them before publishing on gd.games / Steam?
    This would be very expensive…

  2. Informational Text:
    At the beginning of the game I have an informational text about: ~flashing lights and ~everything is fictous.
    Is it recommended to add any more of this informational texts?

  3. User Manual:
    Is it mandatory/ necessary? Should it be available in every thinkable language?
    There are tutorials how to play the game inside the game already…
    In the worst case: what if someones hardware breaks?

  4. In the folder of my exported game I can see two files: “LICENSE.electron” “LICENSES.chromium”.
    I’m not very good in formal english language, so maybe I understand it wrong.
    I have not read yet LICENSES.chromium… But in the LICENSE.electron is this:
    “Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining
    a copy of this software […] without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish,
    distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software […]”
    Does that mean that everybody who has a copy of my game can sell, publish it?
    These 2 files have to be included in every copy of the final game?

Edit: I changed my mind ~ the complete game will be released on gd.games.

I would encourage you to just release on Steam, its fun and cool to show your own page.
These questions are very straightforward, no hassle at all.
There are plenty of videos on Youtube that will guide you step by step on publishing your game on Steamworks.