[Paid] Someone to teach me while I share my screen?

I didnt know where to post this, sorry if it is not the right panel.

I want to learn how to use GDevelop for specific functions and I was wondering if someone could teach me live on skype by sharing my screen or anywhere else for an hour or two.
I can pay a small amount of money (15-20$, maybe more if we end up looking over many things… paypal only) as a show of appreciation.

Some things I want to look at:
-isometric sidescroller
-Rpg functions

Of course I don’t ask for you to know everything I will ask, this is just something for someone who likes solving challenges and teaching others.

I have all objects ready for every scene in GDevelop.

Send me a message if you have time for this.


Hi @Pomon,

I would like to help out, and plus I like a challenge :slight_smile:

What do you need help with, are you stuck with something, or do you want to learn GDevelop, in general?

Kind regards and keep safe!

I can help if you want. I like problem solving. Only thing is I don’t have paypal but if it’s only an hour or two I’d be more than willing to help you for free :slight_smile:

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