Panel sprite has glitched lines

I’m having problems with the panel sprite where it looks like it takes a pixel and stretches it along the entire sprite on a grid pattern.


The panel sprites also “flicker” between looking normal and glitched whenever the camera is moving and it looks awful.

It isn’t supposed to look like this and I have no clue how to fix it. I’m new to this game engine and have basically been stumbling forward hoping that the next wall I run into isn’t mountain sized.

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Can you share one of these sprites, so we can reproduce the issue on our side?

these are the 3 sprites I’m using with the panel sprite that are having issues.

T=12, B=12, L=12, R=12

T=14, B=2, L=8, R=8

T=14, B=18, L=10, R=10

idk how to link the files themselves but I hope this helps

I can reproduce the issue in the scene editor, depending on the zoom, but I can’t see it in the Preview.

For me the line glitches appeared whenever the camera was In motion, like when It was following my player character. Also, the glitch would sometimes disappear when my character would stand still.

Ex (sorry for low quality):
The Problem

I think its a camera position issue or something.

OK. This problem has already been reported, but cannot be fixed on our side. This is an issue with one of the components we use, PixiJS.