Par-Chi-Z (In-Development need feedback)

I created a game of Parcheesi called “Par-Chi-Z”.
I would love some feedback from the community before launch.

Any help is appreciated!


I have some keys to use on

Perfect ! :blush:

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We can play only if we have six on dice ?
Wow so hardcore for start to play.
i’ve made 6 laps on each player before one six

I’ve had something so unbelievably unlucky. I got on the first try a 6, but after two turns my thing got brung back to the beginning. And I hadn’t have EVER any another 6. For the entire game. After something that felt like 120 rounds, the game ended with one of the computers winning, and I hadn’t got any six. What is even the chance of this happening.

Did you try it again after to see if it happened again?

I’ve played many games on it and so far its allways the same “chance”
for every player.

Extremely small, I can increase the chance of getting a six. Could you play it again for me?
Also wich platform are you running on?

No no, this is not a bug, this is just me being extremely unlucky

hahaha ok. Well in my language this game is called “Don’t get frustrated” so i guess that was the perfect name :rofl:

You can find the game here now on

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