Particle Emitter

I made an object to spawn anywhere in the scene and I want all of them to have the particle emitter in them Please Help! :frowning:

Use a for-each loop:

For each Object: Conditions: No conditions Actions: Create an object ParticleEmitter at Object.X() ; Object.Y()

If you want the emitter to follow the object you’ve to link them with a variable or through the Linked objects extension, and again with a for-each loop get the emitter linked to the object and update the emitter position.

I tried it but it’s showing the emitter only on one object I want it to be on every spawned object of the same type

The for-each loop should handle all the instances. Maybe you want to add multiple objects in a group and use the group in the for-each loop instead?

NO! I want an object, I have made that object to spawn in an area I want all the spawned objects to have particle emitter

Attach an image of the events :slight_smile:

Well, as I said in every post, you’ve to link each “Smoke” emitter to its Plane, and then use a for-each loop to place the emiiter to the linked plane :slight_smile:

In the plane example for-each loops are not needed because there’s only one plane, but you’ll need them to use multiple planes at once :wink: