Particles emitter gets deleted when emission stops

Hello, I’m not really sure if this is considered a bug or a missing feature…

So I have this particles emitter that’s set to run out of particles after a while and gets deleted.

I also want to be able to stop and resume the emission at anytime while the tank is still not empty.

The problem however is that when I stop the emission and after the particles disappear, the emitter gets deleted, even though the tank is still not empty.


I tried a workaround:

  • “capacity of emitter = 0” / “displayed particles = 0” → delete emitter

This also deletes the emitter when it stops and not when tank is empty. The “capacity of emitter” condition or the expression “particles.Tank()” just return the capacity that’s initially set in the properties. There’s no condition or expression that gets the current tank capacity.

I think, logically, the “Delete when out of particles” option should delete the emitter when the tank actually runs out of particles. The action “change capacity” to 0 can be used to force delete the emitter if still not empty. Or at least have it as a second checkbox option.


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You must uncheck this option

Did you read what I wrote?!

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I can confirm the bug. When either rate or capacity are set to zero with events the emitter is deleted.

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Ok now i get it here you go.

Theres also a video

Thank you @Phoenix

However, the bug is in the particles object’s option [delete when out of particles]. The emitter gets deleted when it stops emitting and not when the tank is empty (out of particles).

I changed the particles logic in my project for now, but I wanted to point out the bug for the developers.