Particles emitter strange rotation

I’m not sure if this is actually a bug or something else, but it’s a rather strange behavior of the particle emitter. Basically, I wanted the particles to go upwards with the tip pointing downwards, but each time they positioned themselves sideways with the tip pointing to the right. The only solution I found to fix the issue was to rotate the sprite like this in Piskel.


Why have you rotated the particle emitter by 270 degrees? That could be rotating the sprite when it’s emitted.

because then the particles will go directly upwards

I’ve had a quick play around with it, and no matter which way the emitter is rotated, the particles still come out sideways. This does appear to be a potential bug. Unless one of the GDevelop devs can explain why not.

Yup, it is

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There many cases where particles need to be rotated according to the emission direction, a water jet for instance.

Sprites without rotation can be useful too, but would be a feature request not a bug fix.