Pathfinding example project

Edit: I updated my project on GitHub with comments. I did my best. Any questions, please ask.

I’ve been playing around with pathfinding. I thought I’d share my project. Click the scene to add a target and the “troops” will circle the target. You can click [add troop] to add troops and it will adjust.


project on Github


Waw that’s cool! Nice to watch the troups moving and find their right place.
I haven’t looked at the code, only played a bit on my phone, that’s nice! :))

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It’s simple looking but very calming to watch especially at a slow speed. The movement speed is set by the pathfinder behavior and the gap between them by a timer. With the addition of a group variable, it would be easy to manage multiple groups with only minor changes. I’m thinking of doing that next.

It would also be neat to be able to split and combine them. They could almost do their own little dance.

To program a dance, that’d be a great thing!
Don’t know if that’s ever been done, but anyways, it could be very nice, good looking, and easily modify with parameters…

Good luck with that:))

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This is amazing! I’m looking at your notes and I still can’t figure out what’s going on, I’ll have to look at this again tomorrow when I’m not so tired haha.

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