Pathfinding in isometric demo not working

In this demo, pathfinding works pretty well:

However, I try to implement the same in the isometric demo

and it works very poorly, and even though I marked the obstacles as “impassable obstacles” , the object moving just goes through them, to go to places that is not even needed to do so. I tried removing the animation but it still does not work. I don’t know what to do to fix it. I need this because I build my game over the isometric demo, and I cannot include path finding functionality.

Thanks a lot for any help!

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Can you update the demo with your pathfinding events and share the project with us through WeTransfer or any other hosting service? We’ll take a look.

Thanks for the prompt reply!
This is the link of the modified demo:

I don’t have my laptop here, but the problem is very easy to reproduce (less than one minute).
Just need to do 3 things: To this online demo

  1. Add behaviour of path finding to Minda (the doll).
  2. Add obstacle behaviour to the obstacles
    3)In the event of “Touch or left button is down”, add an action in “path finding behavior” to move Minda to MouseX("",0) and MouseY("",0) (as they do in the pathfinding demo with the tanks)

Run the game and you will see that Minda goes through the obstacles ( I do not care about having the correct animation when she is moving, I could do that with no problem)


Note: For path finding you don’t have to hold the click, just click it once

It looks like yet another rotation bug. You can report it and @4ian will explain why it’s not a bug. :sweat_smile:

The pathfinding itself seems to work fine, but the obstacles are not detected properly (because of their rotation, I think).
There are a couple of gaps where Minda is able to cross, like clicking on the lamppost next to the stairs, and clicking on that island at the bottom right. If you add an obstacle where Minda finds a gap, the bugs stop.

If you take the pathfinding example and rotate and resize the obstacles, it gets messed up.

Either that or I’m missing something very obvious, I never used the pathfinding before. :grin:

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Maybe “Rotate object” is enable in Minda on TopDownMovement behavior, or you have added a action for turn Minda toward a position ?