Paulie the Pizza demo (platform game)

Hey there guys, I’m working on another game. This time a platform puzzle game with funny characters and bosses. I put the first three levels in a demo version which can be played here:

Paulie the Pizza

Any feedback is welcome and appreciated and I’m really interested to know if you guys can beat the first three levels and if you find it hard or easy.


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The difficulty is okay for me. :ok_hand:
The mushrooms could be improved.
Keep up the good work.

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Hi tommygunramon, your game has a really clean neat look that I like.
Maybe your game is inspired by a common game that I don’t know, but I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. Anything I touched made my points go down and when I landed on the trolley nothing happened except that I died when it reached the right hand side.

Hey there, thank you first of all. The number on the top right is your health, if you touch an enemy of fall on the floor your health will decrease. The aim is to jump and run yourself to the next level by reaching the tomato.

You can play the full version here: Paulie the Pizza

Hi, thanks for the info about the tomato being the goal. I like it but couldn’t pass level 2 and didn’t really like the fact that I had to do level 1 again each time. I’m assuming the mushroom in level 2 is the jump point to get up to the next platform but it didn’t work for me.

Hey man, the mushroom is a jumpthrough platform. So u can jump through it and it accelerates the jump.

Ah I see, I was expecting standing on the mushroom would give me a boost rather than standing in front of it. I didn’t keep playing after my first fail in level 3 though because of having to start again at level 1.


Bravo c’est super bien fait, ça me rappelle les jeux comme le bon vieux donkey kong !

Pas encore eu le temps de le tester en profondeur, mais j’ai hâte de le faire :wink: