Paying for Gdevelop Pro if you have a revenue of 50.000k a year?

Am i right, if you are an indie developer who owns a company and makes more than 50.000 a year you must pay for a pro account? So is it really an open source and free engine like for example Godot or i understand something wrong?

Anyone who is interested in this topic i got a response from the Gdevelop Staff on Reddit and they gave me this answer.

You can use the engine and the editor, for offline builds, unlimited and without paying anything. You don’t have to pay for using GDevelop.

You only have to pay if you have an ACCOUNT (meaning, you’re using our online services, such as cloud builds).

So, if you have a FREE account, which gives you access to free cloud builds, cloud storage, and a whole bunch of other goodies, then yes, if you make more than 50k, you’re required to pay for a Pro license.

If you choose to create your own local build environment (a process for which we have instructions on our wiki) and not use any of our online services at all (all of which are optional), then you don’t have to pay anything at any point, regardless of revenue.

Hope that helps.


This makes perfect sense and is completely fair in my book.

What GDevelop is charging for is their Services, not the use of the Engine, the Engine itself is free and open source, the Build Service, which is a god sent and should be praised in every way, is their own Service and its more than fair to be charged for.

I have some “minor” issues to pick at GDevelop, but for the most part, GDevelop is pretty fair with lots of care and soul put into it, something that is clearly noticeable in many ways.

Other than the “Mobile Currency” they implemented, thats currently on a thin rope when it comes to expectancy… meaning, it could go the fair and rewarding way, or… the predatory way, well have to wait and see.

They actually seem to struggle with the dilemma, where they want to give you all the tools for you to have the best experience you can get, without charging you, while making some money to keep funding development of GDevelop.

The way i see this Pro License thing is that you already made the choice to support GDevelop by subscribbing, so they are putting an extra clause to it, but the initial choice to support them financially was yours.

Pretty well thoughtout as far as i can tell.

Just wish they would start going a different rout on making money to support the engine, like opening a separate business, like creating game assets, or even partnering with developers and making their own games to sell, that kinda stuff.

What i am concerned about is that for example the subscribtion plans for future releases only include multiplayer etc. for paid subscribtion. I don’t know if they will set up own servers for that which than is fine and of course must be paid or they will shut off multiplayer functions in the engine itself which would be a restriction in the engines functionality. For me, i am fine with every aspect which comes outside the engines core functions. Because i think many developers would choose the engine because their core open source benefits.
In my case i am a developer who has good experience in programming games. And i use this engine because of the open source aspect and the no code system which i like to combine with javascript. Makes fun developing games with it. Anyway i hope the engine doesn’t get to commercial in the core.

I dont think they will make anything in GDevelop locked behind a paywall.

Youll have multiplayer functionality for as long as the engine is running, the difference might be that theyll create their own easy to use multiplayer service and server, or you get the choice of simply setting your own up.

They seem to go out of their way to make sure that what ever it is their selling, your able to do by yourself, they even teach you how to do it.

Their paid service is simply, them doing the job for you and making things easier on you, just like paying for a service should be, when i pay a worker, i expect my job to be easier because i have someone else doing a part of my work for me, that kind of stuff :slight_smile:

I could come to eat my own words, but i think you have nothing to worry about, at least for now.