Peculiar, An Orphan in Abyss

After getting hit by a car, Ren found himself in a vast unknown world.

Hello, I’m happy to present my final choice of color palette, mood and story for my game.

(Previously named Stoic : The Lost Deserter)

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

edit: The image uploaded earlier is incorrect.


Chapter 1 Scene 1.

Chapter 1 Scene 2.


Hello! Chapter 1 is nearly done. The project will be on hold for a while due to some work I’ve to do.


Thank you for the feedback :smiley:

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Its been like almost a year since the last time I updated a post here and luckily I have some spare time today.

For almost a year I think, I finally made some progress for the game despite the tight schedules I’ve been dealing with lately (& currently).

Short Clips:




The Progress so far:

  • Assets
  • Player Movement
  • Parallax Effect
  • Camera Movement
  • Invisible Joystick (Limbo like controls)
  • Save Progress
  • Player Attack Ability

Changes I’ve made:

  • The Player Character is no longer a wolf
  • Color Palette went from greenish brown to pale yellow and orange.
  • Went from puzzle platformer game into action platformer.

Thank you for taking the time reading! Any feedbacks are appreciated!


In-game assets have now been mild polished.

New Additions:

  • Butterfly Particle
  • Trees
  • More detailed background (clouds & stars)
  • Health and Pause User interface

These game assets are gorgeous!

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Assets for the Main Menu are finally done and implemented.

(the image was compressed into smaller resolution due to my settings)

  • Added a glow effect for the sun (I used blending mode effect and a radial gradient object)

  • Added user interface objects like the buttons.

Also for this year, this might be my last task for the project. This is because I will be doing more school related stuffs and I would no longer have the time to develop the project. However though I would still be doing tweaks and small projects (I’m thinking about making a very small mobile game that I would actually release on the Google Play store)

Anyways, I will still keep you guys updated about the project and I really appreciate the support. Thanks!!


In case you’re wondering what the game is all about.

It is a sandbox game set on an island. You play as Rin, a Natural Scientist. The gameplay is pretty straightforward to understand and that is to survive and be creative. The game offers a lot of diversity.

  • You can craft tools like axes and shovel

  • You can go fishing by creating fishing rods

  • Tame animals like pigs and cow

  • Cultivate lands for farming (This feature is still buggy though)

  • Ability to build stuffs like building your own shelter

It’s like the famous sandbox game Minecraft. But I sought to offer more.

(btw, the game is no longer titled Peculiar, An Orphan in Abyss)


This blew my mind! I really like the cute character! This is really motivating me to make a top-down simplistic adventure game. I can’t wait to see more things about it

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I’m glad this inspires you

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