Performance issues after update to beta110

Hello guys! I’ve just got update beta 110 and reopen Gdevelop. CPU load start jumping up to 90% in Scene editor and game preview heightly freezing. Tried other projects and reinstallation of Gdevelop, but the problem is still there. (If it help - at Event editor screen CPU load back to normal values around 1-20%)

If possible, can you find any errors in the console? Control+Shift+i should open Dev tools. Try this with GDevelop and a running preview.


Edit: better screenshots

Does it stay always at 90%?
Does it do the same with the platformer example project?

Hi, platformer example work pretty fine, and same for other example projects, except little freezes at first run.
About CPU - it stay around 90 at first launch, and if I leave scene editor it drops, and if I open preview again it’s stay around 70 (or 80 in my game)
Here screen shots :point_down:
I just open Gdevelop and run preview

Then out from scene editor
And run again

Second time it works better, without freezes
Don’t have any errors in the console

Also found that every my project having this error if it’s help
Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

For the error it refers to a file that is not found in your project. You have to clean the unused resources and parse your objects because there is a reference to a resource that is not exist, hence the error.

For CPU consumption there are too many things possible, but I would like to know before what are the performance when you run the platformer example game compiled in .exe?

Oh I see, thanks I done it, but guess it’s not much of this problem.
Just tested it, it’s pretty much same - jumps around 60-70%.
Also I made a test with my previous game. I’ve been export it a few mounth ago. It run smooth and without freezing, CPU around 30%.
Game didn’t have any changes, so I exported it right now and it run very heavy and slow, CPU around 80%

The scene editor is a dynamic graphic rendering area like for games. This area is rendered like 30 times per second.
This means that it uses the same technology as in games (compiled and preview), so that we have the same rendering and therefore the scene editor also uses the graphics card and/or the CPU to render the image.
The editor is less demanding than a game because it doesn’t display animated objects, but GDevelop also has a cost on the CPU, you have to add the cost of the application plus the cost of the editor area which is rendered 30fps. Plus at opening the put in memory the core game engine and the interface backend stack (node, react, etc…).

All these things are done at the same time with today’s technologies. With yesterday’s technologies with less power, all this is more complicated and there are bottlenecks and overload.

On the update side, beta 110 brings an update to the graphics API, so there may be an impact but generally the impact is better and faster with current tech.

Do you have the same consumption with beta 109 as beta 110?

I see on your screen you have a 4 core CPU, and a graphic card, on a Windows XP/NT?

Considering the extreme power consumption even for a compiled game I fear that your hardware can’t keep up with the evolution.

It makes me think I need to get a new phone mine is struggling on facebook/snapchat…

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Oh finally, thank you very much, yep this is - “On the update side, beta 110 brings an update to the graphics API”, I thought to find something in the change log, but didn’t expect to finally find it in a Bug fixes: “Fix performance issues on iOS by upgrading internal rendering engine to PixiJS v6”.
Yeah, just got back to beta 108, CPU same but everything works fine :sweat_smile:
Yep, it’s Windows 7 and intel r hd graphics 4000, (+ suicided radeon card)
Thank you guys for help and sorry for spend time, just got really confused :sweat_smile: