Photo Support, Engine Type and Custom HUD

I love the game develop app and I was wondering if it was possible to enable Photo Support with a Photo Editor so I could make A Fan Game Or Recreation. (Yes, Some Game companies INCLUDING Sega Allow Fan Games to be made) so could you also add Custom HUDS and Custom Fonts. Also I saw a couple interesting Games on YouTube so I was also wondering if it’s possible to make custom game engines (an example is where there are 2 moving animations 1 jump animation and a sliding animation and a standing animation. when you move, the walking speed and animation goes slowly faster and when it reaches max speed, The walking animation turns into a running animation and the player is at max speed, also you can go through loops, run up hills.etc) :slight_smile:


Most of things you are talking about are possible on Gdevelop on “game engines”, it just can’t be done with extension, you have to do it yourself for animations for example (mainly based on physic extension).

About external contents, it’s harder, all files of the project are in fileformat wich i do’nt know, i don’t if it’s crypted, compressed, exotic or simply zip files, but many things be done :

  • for example : you can externalize through XML many parameters, wich allows user to mod your game (image position for example or any variables for game difficulty adjustment)
  • You can use drawer (if my memory is good) for example to load external image, but you’ll not have all option you can have on sprites : i made a custom and external HUD layout from my first template for example, but it’s hard coded so i abandonned it for now and prefered to use in gdev functions to make my HUD responsive depending on screen size.

For fonts i’m almost sure it’s not possible on native games(they are declared in Gdev HUD), but in html5 game everything is possible since the user have the sources (so not an embbed app for android/ios). To be sure of that, we should try to give a look if the gdg file can be extracted and compiled again by users.

Ok. I understand, just wondering is it possible to improve performance and Frames Per Second and make less crashing moments. (It happens a lot) :sunglasses:

I’m curious to know what you do to have bad performances and crashes…

Uh… Let’s see. I download tons of screen recording apps hoping one of them works then delete them if they don’t work. I Use Youtube2MP3 to make custom music for a game I was making until the app I used got removed and a 5.99 dollar version came out, I have 3 exact copies of Minecraft with different texture packs, I have every sonic game that’s on the AppStore, I have 32 clones of Flappy Bird, I have an “Apples Tantrum box” filled with old Nintendo Games on my iPad Mini, I have all 4 Five Nights at Freddys games on my iPad Mini with 16 GB, the last thing I do is take Screen Shots of Sprite sheets. Are you surprised?

Oh yea. I forgot to mention how much accounts I have, 1 for YouTube, 1 for Pinterest, 2 for, 1 for This forum and 1 for Minecraft Servers

I’m talking about what you do in GDevelop to make it crash (so that we can fix these problems).

I only have 1 game. I just started making it and it takes like 5 seconds to switch between scene, objects and eventhandler when I started it up. When I went to objects, the first time it crashed, the second time it took 2 minutes to load. I got develop 3 days ago

It’s likely to be your computer : what are its spec ? Are you graphic card driver updated ?

Also there is no “drawer” in GDevelop, I checked, no there is no external image thing. Also have you tried making it so people can use photos for character sprites? Plus a photo editor to make it to erase the Colour/Shade around the sprites. Anyways good night. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what you mean by “photo support”. But, you can edit your pictures using a drawing software outside of GDevelop (and to remove the color around the picture).

Have you checked your drivers ? Because these crashes are likely to be caused by that (as GDevelop doesn’t crash this way for a lot of people).

I use Gimp to edit my photos and sprites.
It’s free and can probably do way more then a built in editor.
You can also draw them in Microsoft paint, and easily remove the background via the fuzz selector tool in Gimp.
Microsoft paint doesn’t support transparency sadly. So Gimp, Photoshop, or something may help with sprite editing.
Then you can load the frames into Gdevelop.

Whoever said I’m using I using a computer to access the forums or GDevelop, I just stated I few posts before that I’m using my iPad Mini with 16GB

Whoever said I’m using a Computer to access GDEVAPP and its forums, I’m using my iPad Mini*

Ok, you are talking about GDevApp and not GDevelop (that’s why some features request looked strange ^^).
There is a forum section dedicated to GDevApp : viewforum.php?f=44

(I moved your topic in it)

Yea sorry about the confusion. By photo support i mean allowing the user to choose a photo/screenshot from there photos/screenshots app “labelled Photos” and once they choose a picture/screenshot it appears in a Photo/ScreenShot editor, if this was used for Sprite sheets, there would be a eraser option so either they would erase something by hand or tap on a certain Color and that patch of Color disappears around the sprite, Sorry for causing a confusion

I for some reason can’t upload my sprites into Gdevapp. I give it the dropbox link, press ok, and then it never adds it ._.
Anyways I see your point. You might have to erase the sprites background prior to Gdevapp with some kinda app.
Or maybe an online pixel art creator.
This one saves animations with transparency I think.