Physics 2.0 (Gravity) bug

Hello there, recently i encountered a thing that i think it is a bug, i tryed different tests and same result, so: - i have a sprite as “road” with platform behavior, width ass long as i need, height 20, and another sprite “car” with Physics 2.0 and platformer object, if these 2 objects colide on top of eachother for 2 seconds, the car go thru the road, if i select 0 at gravity scale, the “car” will not go thru because nothing is pressing it down, gdevelop is updated.
I have this project for 2 months and like 2-3 weeks ago i did not had this problem.
Cheers !

You’re not supposed to mix the physics behavior with the platformer behavior, because they’ll conflict.

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Right, so i will activate/deactivate one of the behavior when i need it. I am using gdev for almost a year and sometimes i just had to ask to find inside my head the best way to do something.

Your answer helped me more than you think ! Thank you!

No worries, keep up the good work. :+1:

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