Physics collision bug

The physics collision between a dynamic and static object doesn’t always seem to follow real world physics. I have 2 objects - a dynamic ball/circle and a static wall/block. Both have restitution and density set to 1, all other parameters are set to 0:


The the ball is sent toward the wall using an impulse:

and at a number of angles the ball hits the wall and then rolls along it, rather than bouncing off it:


The zipped demo project can be downloaded from GoogleDrive.

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When increasing the ball speed the angle at which the bounce is reduced to 1D becomes smaller. Hopes that helps :smiley:

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Hello there, I am kinda new to this. I saw that the Gdevelop Github has an issue page would It be appropriate for me to add something there?

It looks like the bug (or one very similar) has been raised a while back. You could add to the comments on that.

Given how old that issue is though, it may not get look into that soon :confused: