Physics2-StaticオブジェクトはiOS上では性能が劣化する?( Does Physics2-Static object degrade on iOS?

環境 environment

  • MacOS
  • GDevelop5 -beta89
  • GD歴半年 ( I’ve been GD for half-year

相談内容 question
掲題の通り、StaticなPhysics2オブジェクトを多用したシーンだと、iOSのブラウザ上でFPSの低下が顕著です。ブラウザはSafari, Chromeです。
( Scenes with many “Physics2-Static” objects will have lower FPS on iOS when run on mobile. I experimented with both Safari and Chrome. Android is no problem.

検証したモバイル端末は、( I experimented with the following terminals.
iPhone 11Pro (iOS13)
iPhone 8 (iOS12)
iPhone 7(iOS12)
Android 9

( i need help please

検証環境は以下のものです ( Below is the verification environment
Tile01 - SpriteObject Physics2 Static (32 x 32pixels)
Player1 - SpriteObject Physics2 Dynamic
Ball - SpriteObject Physics2 Dynamic

( Only “Tile01” is “Static”. About 200 pieces are in the scene.

( This capture performed on a PC (Mac).
When running on mobile, you can see that FPS is degraded on iOS.

( However, for scenes containing more than 200 “Physics 2d Dynamic” objects, FPS did not degrade on iOS. Is the “Physics2d Static” object particularly heavy?

(Let me rephrase that…)

I created a scene that made a lot of use of the Physics2 object (Static). Then the FPS will be significantly reduced on the iOS browser.
I couldn’t experience any FPS degradation on Android.

However, Physics2 (Dynamic) does not experience any significant FPS degradation.

My game design is bad?
But why does it only perform poorly on iOS?
(iPhone 11Pro - iOS13 is the latest and greatest spec…)

Not much help to offer, but I would try: GDevelop 5
to compare Android/iOS and see if you notice FPS difference. If there is a difference, maybe it’s a bug of the behavior. If not, maybe a problem with your project/design?

Another thought: could it be due to different aspect ratio of your Android and iOS devices?


Maybe if there are too many Static objects, the performance is not good.
I tried a lot of them. (iPhone7/8/11 and Android)
So I’m rethinking game design/scene design…

Merci beaucoup! Tack! and Arigato.

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