Pick Nth Object (ObjectPickingTools) results in black screen

GDevelop Version: 5.2.167
OS: Microsoft Windows 11 Home
Windows Version: 10.0.22621

When using the “pick the Nth object” action/condition of the ObjectPickingTools extension (community), the game doesn’t load and only a black screen is shown. I’ve been able to replicate this bug on the desktop and cloud versions of GDevelop as well as in multiple different projects. It appears that the other ObjectPickingTools conditions/events work fine though.

I’m aware this is a community extension, so I apologize if this bug report should be made on another forum like “extensions.”

Please if you have a reproduction project to quickly test the bug and debugging it.
It will help people to check where is the bug in the extension.

Apologies, here is the GitHub link with the zip file. It is a very basic demo game.

Please let me know if you would like me to share the demo game in a different manner.

@arthuro555 Seem you are the author of the extension.
Maybe a breaking change appear inside the returned list of instance?