PinkMan and the Last Milkshake

Hi forum,
For several months now, I have trusted GD to develop a game. It was a good idea since it is really a good tool and that in the end, all I wanted to get, I got (at the price sometimes a few headaches, but quite a few nonetheless).
Anyway, I’m happy to bring you “PinkMan and the Last Milkshake”, due for release in November 2020 on Google Play. I worked with Zenkoji Kazuo for the OST, and, in all fairness, it’s high level music.
You will find the latest trailer here :

A track from the OST here :

Some screenshots :


Finally, a link to “Arcade To Death” FB page :

PinkMan and the Last Milkshake is an arcade and pure scoring game. Despite everything, there is a little quirky background here :

“PinkMan was The man.
When they came, he took his gun and his fire extinguisher, and went to fight. The world was burning, the universe already conquered. This was hopeless. But, with PinkMan across their path, they had to struggle more than they thought.
Countless of them felt. Monster’s blood filled oceans. So, their soulless generals decided to invoke the ghosts.
Despite his courage, despite his bravery, PinkMan began to lose battles. Battles after battles, he lost.
After weeks, he was so exhausted. So sad. Broken.
On a stormy night, in his room, watching the light of flames eating the city while listening to Leonard Cohen, he mourned,
lying on his bed. He knew about the ending. Suddenly, his eyes wide opened, he became aware of the meaning of life.
Skies shall be torn, mankind shall be annihilated, there was a last battle to lead.
A last battle to win.
Dance in the face of death.
Drink a last milkshake.
And fuck them all.
Go PinkMan ! Go !
May the fruits and the milk be with you”

In addition, the game will be offered at 0.99€ but I am currently giving free keys to all those who request them by email to:
Hoping for your feedback,
AkitaKen (aka UlixPap)

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