Piskel Black Screen

It happened several times that I was editing some sprite in my game and after many modifications, PISKEL simply got a black screen, not being able to save the changes made. leaving the only alternative of closing the PISKEL window and losing everything that was done.

is anyone else having this problem?

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Got that after a lot of of modifications and pressing Ctrl+Z to undo something. Overall I already lost some hours, because it’s in my blood to hit that combination, even knowing that it will end up like this.

It seems to be a known issue already. So far I just read: use another tool…
But imho thats not the right way. Would be nice if it could be fixed

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It’s a bug with the undo history as far as I understand it when you have multiple layer or frame and undo moidification too fast.

Black Screen Bug while editing with piskel · Issue #5267 · 4ian/GDevelop (github.com)