Piskel does not overwrite the image when expected and sometimes crushes while using Ctrl + Z (undo)

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When I’m editing an image using Piskel and click to save will be saved to the existing image (overwrite it), unless I do at least one of three things while editing the image:

  • ctrl + z (undo) at least once
  • if when merging the layers remain only one (strange)
  • crop image

If I do will save as a new image. I think it’s kind of a bug, because anyone except it.

Another thing is using “undo” a few times in a row usually crashes the Piskel and my entire PC. Maybe one thing has something to do with the other.

I started to create some topics about Piskel because now I know Pixelorama and Libresprite can’t replace it. I like Piskel and it has own advantages, such as simplicity, good learning curve, good tools and nice look. So, maybe some changes can make it better and I love have a pixel editor integrate with Gdevelop. Makes things more practical!

In case I find any other function that makes Piskel save as a new image instead of overwriting the existing one I’ll put here.


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This happens to me too, like the image won’t overwrite, but instead it creates a new image. That’s very annoying, since I have to manually delete unnecessary images, and that consumes a lot of time.