Piskel Doesn't Work

Piskel Does not work

just shows this its on the latest version and it happens in every single project i make

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Keep in mind that Piskel is a separate app that is bundled with the engine, it isn’t maintained by the engine team in full terms, so support may be limited.

However, the only time I’ve seen this happen is if someone is creating projects in a folder they don’t have full control/access to, or a folder that is synced by Google Drive/Microsoft OneDrive/Carbonite/etc.

They lock the type of read/write access that Piskel needs to create its temporary files, and it is not compatible with this type of setup. If you’re using any of those tools, you’ll need to instead create your projects into a directory not synced by those systems. If you’re not using those tools, it’s very likely you don’t have full owner permissions to the location you’re trying to save to.

I’d recommend trying to create a temp folder on your hard drive’s main directory (so like, C:\TempProject) and creating your project paths there to see if it functions.

I dont have Google Drive/OneDrive Or Carbonite and I have full access to files

Unfortunately, outside of my recommendation I gave to try a brand new folder that you yourself create at the root of your drive, there isn’t much else guidance I can give.