Piskel is not working

Sometimes, when trying to fill in a text field, the text already there becomes highlighted with gray and will not let me fill it in. this is really annoying and has eraesed a lot of work.

Can you explain when this happens specifically, and which fields?

It happens whenever there is a slightly bigger than normal image, sometimes randomly with small sprites, and it happens in any field the user may enter text in, ie. the name of the file or the sprite size. Also, one of the only ways to get rid of it is to clear a large chunk of the sprite image, as well as to go into the “set folder” page.

I have been unable to reproduce your issue.
Please provide specific steps. I don’t know what is a “slightly bigger than normal image”.

its a decent size sprite sheet, click here to view. It may me my laptop, but this happens every time I drag it into the window to import.

I tried importing a large image into Piskel and got a performance warning:

So yes, I would recommend using a different software for large assets and spritesheets.

Ah, OK. Thank you for your time, i have a program called libresprite, and its 99.9% asesprite(the .1% is in the name), so I’ll use that instead.