Piskel poisoning GDevelop projects


Here is how to poison your project with an image, due to a Piskel issue.

  • Create a blank project
  • Add a Sprite object
  • Don’t add animation, click directly on “Create with Piskel”
  • When Piskel is open, import a Spritesheet in Piskel

Now, notice the asset name on top of Piskel

  • Remove the asset name to keep the field blank
  • Now you can’t change it anymore, you have to keep it blank
  • Save your asset like that

It will correctly save, and your project will be usable.
The first frame of your animation will poison every image field that should be blank (project icon, loading screen etc.) due to the fact that Piskel saved it with a blank name.

Workaround : even if you can’t write, you can Copy/Paste letters

Image saved

Blank icons that are not so blank


Thank you for reporting this issue. It should be fixed in the next release.

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