Piskel Sprite Size Bug

I came across a small dimension issue in the desktop version. When you go in set the default size, making sure you save the new default settings( 40x40). create a sprite, then go to place it into the editor, the size always reverts back to 64x64.

Its not that big of deal but it is kind of annoying having to constantly resize everything in the editor using custom size.

a fix for this would be appreciated.

Seems to work for me:

Hey @Gruk, do you have piskel installed on your computer as well? I noticed piskel behaves a little differently in gdevelop if it is installed. For example, you aren’t able to restore backup piskel projects in gdevelop if you don’t have a separate install of piskel. I could be wrong about this, but that’s how it seemed to me at least. Maybe that would fix your issue, @firingwalnuts.

Ah, good to know. :+1: No, I don’t have it installed.