Piskel sprites not showing in Network Preview - Solved

I am very new (just got it today) to gdevelop.
I put together a quick little platformer test and just made some sqares, with the built in Piskel editor, for the player and platforms.

When I preview in the app or export an APK to android, everything looks fine.
When I do the network preview it’s not showing any of the sprites that I made with Piskel.
If I use them from the asset store they work fine, but it’s only the ones I drew and only with the network preview and not the local preview.

I tried the network preview from various devices, so doesn’t appear to be any issue on the client side.

Not sure if I’m missing something or if this is a bug with the network previews.
Any suggestions on what I might be missing?

Thanks for any info!

I’m running this on Fedora Linux 38.
Latest version of Gdevelop (as of this morning)

I found a fix, at least it was a fix for me.
It turns out that this was an issue when I had my project stored in the cloud, as soon as I saved it to my computer and did the preview from there it worked fine.

As long as I run the Network Preview from a local instance of the project all my sprites show up and I’m good.

I think this is a bug. I have the same thing too. You can publish the game as a test link and share it with your other devices.

I have seen in some instances where a browser starts the game before all assets are actually loaded, which then leads to some sprites being invisible.

Can you try on another browser, or by using ctrl+f5 on the preview to force clear the cache and reload (if you are testing on mobile you might need to test on a desktop to confirm).

If it works with other browsers (or if testing on mobile browsers but it works on a desktop network preview) itis something specific with how that one browser cached the preview and can be ignored.

Never seen it outside of that scenario, otherwise.

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately it’s the same scenario on different browsers and different devices.

I was hoping it was something I was (or wasn’t) doing. :wink:

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Hey, just to let you know for me it ended up being an issue when my project is stored in the cloud.

I saved it locally, edited that version, did the network preview and everything is working fine… all sprites are showing up as expected.
Hopefully that works for you as well.

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Thanks, worked for me too. Now waiting for gdevelop to fix the bug

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